Who Plays Low Impact Paintball?

Who Plays Low Impact Paintball?

Low Impact Paintball can be enjoyed by beginners, youth groups, sports clubs, corporate team building events and your next birthday party!
Low Impact Paintball is an exciting new way to enjoy playing paintball. It allows players of any age or gender to experience paintball with all of the fun and excitement and without the sting of Full Impact Paintball.

What is the difference between Low Impact Paintball and Full Impact Paintball?

Low Impact Paintball uses smaller paintballs that travel at slower speeds, and that break on contact with less impact when compared to the paintballs used in Full Impact Paintball.

Is Low Impact Paintball safe for kids?

Yes! Low Impact Paintball is great for everyone over the age of 8. Low Impact Paintball has the benefit of using smaller paintballs and smaller, lighter guns, making the equipment easier for kids to handle. Younger players are able to enjoy the fun and excitement of playing paintball, without the need to use the heavier equipment required for Full Impact Paintball.

Will I be paired with “Pros” or “Experts” when I play Low Impact Paintball?

No, Low Impact Paintball is designed specifically to be played by new players, birthday parties, and corporate groups. People who own their own equipment should not be mixed with players playing Low Impact Paintball.


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