Is Low Impact Paintball Expensive?

Is Low Impact Paintball Expensive?

Low Impact Paintball is inexpensive when compared to other fun activities for beginners, youth groups, sports clubs, corporate team building events or your next birthday party!

Planning a birthday party for kids ages 8+

When compared to other birthday party activities, you will appreciate the value of having an exciting packed Low Impact Paintball experience. Select Low Impact Paintball parks offer party packages that range from a few hours of play, to an all-day adventure. You can book a 10 person private group that includes a personal paintball guide, all of the equipment, insurance waivers, entrance fees, and paintball rounds for around $20 per person*.
Added Bonus: You could become the cool parent the kids talk about if you book your next birthday at a Low Impact Paintball park.
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*prices will vary at each location based on factors such as location, facilities, and quality of experience. The price listed above represents an estimated cost. Please check your local paintball park for prices.


Make a reservation at a quality paintball park. recommends the parks listed on this website for a quality Safe and Fun paintball experience.